• 100% pure Black Angus registered with AAA. 
  • The herd is in a strict vaccination protocol and boosted annually.
  • The herd is wormed at least twice a year.
  • We feed alfalfa hay all year around.
  • We feed our own blend of corn, barley and oats when needed.   
  • We offer free-choice Sweetlix/Dumor minerals.

Welcome to Veteran's Ranch and thanks for visiting our website. The Pattison's ranch has moved from its original location in Gilbert to historic Florence, Arizona. We are now located in the far Southeast Valley of the Sun near the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Veteran's Ranch raises registered, purebred Nubian dairy goats and registered Black Angus cattle primarily for the herd owners that want to give their family the very best. We carry top Nubian milk lines including Six M Galaxy, Crow's Dairy, Goddard Farm, Black Mesa, C&W Farm, Pennyroyal among others. Our goal is to satisfy our client’s demands for excellent milking dairy goats and high yield beef cattle.  Our philosophy revolves around excellent temperament and production as well as conformation and quality. 

We are so thrilled to have our first Nubian Breed Leader! Our own SG Veteran's Silver Belle 1*M has joined the ranks of the ADGA Top Ten does. Belle closed her 2013 lactation with 294 days in milk producing 3620 lbs. of milk, 159 lbs. of butterfat (4.4%) and 137 lbs. of protein (3.8%). In an extremely competitive year Belle  ranked 7th in milk production, 9th in butterfat production and 5th in protein production. We are so very proud of our girl achieving such an epic milestone. The 2014 Nubian Breed Leader list surprised us with three of our does being on the list: SG Veteran's Silver Belle, SG Crow's Dairy Blue Sparkles and her full sister SG Crow's Dairy Shelly's Tia. Woo hoo!!! In 2015 SG Crow's Dairy Blue Sparkles made the list again in all categories.

We look forward to have many Milk Star, Superior Genetics (ADGA Top 15%), Elite (USDA top 5%), INBA Production Awards (Gold, Silver & Bronze) and Top Ten does. We currently have several USDA Elite does: SG Silber Belle, SG Blue Sparkles and her daughter SG Sparkling Bubbles, SG Tia (Blue Sparkles litter sister), SG Snowflake, Happy Dancer and SG Tonka. SG Moonspot earned her Superior Genetics designation this year. 

Veteran's Ranch is a member of the American Dairy Goat Association, the International Nubian Breeders Association and the American Angus Association.
We had a clean sweep in the soap category at the 2013  Arizona State Fair. Our Wholesome Oatmeal 100% Nubian goat milk soap took Grand Champion and both the Atlantic Kelp and the Relaxing Lavender took 1st place. The soaps will be available to ship soon.

We had a clean sweep at the 2012 Arizona State Fair: 8 entries with 8 blue ribbons... Woo Hoo!!!
The winners were: Cilantro/Garlic Chevre, Monterrey Jack, Farmhouse Cheddar, Marinated Feta with Olives, Peppercorn Jack, Caramel Sauce, Snow Balls (other candy category) and our latest creation, "Nubiano" cheese. "Nubiano" is a fresh, unripened cheese that we make in ricotta baskets. The basket weave design gives "Nubiano" it's  characteristic shape and it's a favorite for grilling, grating and melting.  

The 2011 ADGA cheese competition was a great success. We placed 1st with our unique recipe, Cheta with Olives and 2nd with our Cabra al Vino. The 2011 Arizona State Fair was also a success. The Cheta with Olives, Cabra al Vino, Ruby Feta and Dulce de Leche Cortada all took 1st place. A special thanks to Todd and Kelly Bostock from 
Dos Cabezas Winery for their wonderful Arizona wines that were used in the elaboration of Cabra al Vino & Ruby Feta. 

In 2010 we also participated in the American Dairy Goat Association cheese competition held in Tucson, Arizona. Our "Freedom" cheese placed 2nd in the amateur hard cheese division. Over 200 entries from all over the US from both amateur and commercial cheese makers were entered. We are very proud and we will continue to master our techniques. Read all about it

All our goats and cattle, as well as the other many animals around the farm must qualify and be used as pet therapy animals. We also run a non-profit organization called Pets Helping Vets which serves veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD.

"Legendary Purebred Nubian Dairy Goats"



​​Breaking News

  • 100% purebred Nubian, registered with American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).
  • 100% CAE, CL, Johne's, TB, Mycoplasma & Brucellosis free plus G6S normal.
  • The herd follows a strict vaccination protocol and is boosted accordingly.
  • We have strict bio-security measures and visits are by appointment only.
  • We wormed at least one a year.
  • We follow a strict Coccidiosis protection program.
  • The herd is fed free-choice, high quality alfalfa hay and/or alfalfa hay pellets.
  • We feed Purina Mills and/or Dumor products including Goat Chow & Noble Goat.
  • We offer free choice Purina Mills Goat Minerals, Sweetlix/Dumor Mineral blocks or loose minerals and Atlantic Kelp.         
  • We participate in the new ADGA Plus program that includes DHIR, Linear Appraisal and DNA typing (G6S, Alpha s1 Casein, Parentage)
  • All our bucks have been DNA typed and their semen has been collected.

Kidding season is over!!! 42 kids with only 1 or 2 doelings available and 3 to 4 buckling available too. Check out the Breeding/Kidding page...

Thanks to our WWOOFers Marcela & Taz for the beautiful video they created of the babies at Veteran's Ranch. Watch the video HERE

USDA Elite doe list is out. The new Elite does are: SG Crow's Dairy Blue Sparkles, SG Veteran's Sparky Rose, SG Veteran's Silver Belle, SG Veteran's Xampany Blanc and Veteran's Lady Comet. Also SG Veteran's Comet's Legacy and SG Veteran's Knight's Honor residing at Windsong Farms in MO.

Due to changes in CDCB website the milk records are temporarily unavailable with or website link. You can create your own account and access it by clicking here

The ADGA 2016 Performance Breed Leaders List is out. We are so pleased to see the late SG Veteran's Silver Belle making the list (#7 in mild  & #10 in protein) as well as SG Veteran's Sparkling Bubbles, our 2nd generation breed leader (#6 in Milk, #9 in BF & #6 in protein). Way to go girls!!! See the list HERE

All our bucks have DNA on file with ADGA

The regional representative for WWOOF USA, Jim Dumas visited the ranch in June. Click HERE to see the video

Our Happy Nubian Soaps are available for purchase in the following types: Organic Oatmeal, Pure & Simple, Lavender, Lemongrass, Cinnamon/Sugar, Organic Kelp, French Clay/Peppermint, Shea Butter/Patchouli, Calendula/Orange, Rose Bouquet, Moroccan Clay/Sweet Orange, and Holiday Spice.

The are available at:
Happy Adobe 189 S. Main St. Florence, AZ 85132 (520) 509-6094

Happy Adobe Too 800 E Florence Blvd, Casa Grande, AZ (520) 836-1367

Desert Breeze  425 S. Main St. Florence AZ 85132 (520)868-8765

Artisan Village Coolidge Chamber of Commerce office