2018 kidding season has started...

 Junior Does
Bred To
Due/Kid Date

Bella (3)
Julius Caesar
Kidded(3) 1/13

1 doe sold/2 bucks sold (sold out)

Doe $550/Buck $350

Monique (2)
Julius Caesar
Kidded(2) 1/21
 1 buck sold 1 doe sold (sold out)
Doe $450/Buck $350

Cleo (2)
Kidded(2) 1/19
 1 doe sold 1 doe available
Doe $450/Buck $350

1/22 Twins: Windsong Farm Tonka/Veteran's Apache Firepower

K-27 buck: black with white splash, crown, face & frosty ears (Fuzzy Face)
K-28 buck:
Veteran's Apache Onyx, black with tan trim, white cap & frosty ears. AVAILABLE $700

 Senior Does (U/S Kids)
Bred To
Due/Kid Date
SG Sparkles (Top Ten/Elite) (3)
Kidded 2/19
1 doe retained 1 doe sold 1 buck sold (sold out)
SG Tia (Top Ten/Elite) (4)
Kidded 1/18
1 doe retained 2 does sold 1 buck sold (sold out)
SG Bubbles (Top Ten/Elite) (2)
Kidded 3/21
1 doe retained 1 buck sold
Happy (Elite) (1)
Kidded 1/21
1 doe retained (sold out)
SG Sparky (Elite) (3)
Kidded 2/ 21
1 doe retained 2 does sold (sold out)
SG Snowflake (Elite) (2)
Kidded 3/21
1 buck sold 1 doe retained
SG Moonspot (Elite) (3)
Kidded 1/15
1 doe retained 2 bucks sold (sold out)
SG Tonka (2)
kidded 1/22
1 buck available
Holly (3)
Kidded 1/24
1 doe retained 1 doe sold 1 buck retained(?)

1/19 Twins: Six M Galaxy Lightning/Veteran's Cleopatra Dawn

K-22 doe: Black roan w/red trim, white crown, nose & ears. AVAILABLE $450

K-23 doe:Black with moonspotts, white crown, nose & ears SOLD

1/6 TWINS: Veteran's Julius Caesar/Veteran's Freedom Cookie
K-1 doe: Veteran's Cookie Sprinkles, brown with white spots & solid brown ears. SOLD.
K-2 buck: Veteran's Johnny Cash, black with minimal red trim & solid black ears. SOLD

Prices posted are for reserved kids picked up by 3 weeks of age at the ranch. After that, the reserved kid will be charged an additional boarding fee of $6 per day. We require a $100 deposit per kid ordered (more if multiple kids have been ordered or for export) with the balance due within 10 days after notification of birth. No exceptions. If payment is not received within that time, the buyer forfeits their deposit money. Payments must be received in the form of cash, Cashier's Check or USPS Money Order payable to Annabelle Pattison unless other arrangements have been made. Please include the name, complete address and phone number of the person(s) who's names(s) will appear on the registration certificate or application for registration plus the ADGA member number, if any.

Deposits are refunded only if your choice of kid is not born or if the kid is not up to our quality standards. Deposits could be moved to another kid if  you desire, however deposits will not be refunded on cancelled orders. We reserve the right to select herd replacements before filling reservations. The prices above are for kids preordered. Prices for kids purchased after birth will be revised and will be usually higher. We abide by the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices by Members (section XIX of manual). All sales are final.

We prefer that all kids be picked up at the ranch. We can arrange ground transportation in the Phoenix metro area or by air freight from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Air transportation, shipping container, tests, health certificate (approximate $100 for one kid & required for interstate transportation) plus $100 airport delivery fee are all the responsibility of the purchaser and must be prepaid. Crates/kennels can be ordered online and drop-shipped to the ranch. Kids are shipped at 3-4 weeks of age to the major airport nearest to the purchaser unless other arrangements have been made. Export situations are different so please consult with us before reserving any kids.

Export customers, please contact us by email to discuss any arrangements. There are multiple tests and different requirements depending on the country of export. Please be advised that there will be additional costs required, including but not limited to veterinary services, tests, vaccines, deworming, quarantine, health certificates, larger kennels for shipping after weaning, etc.

Kids resulting from artificial insemination (AI) could be tested for G6S at the buyers expense as the status of many AI sires is unknown. Our herd is G6S normal by test or parentage but any buyer can request to have their kid tested prior to shipping. The G6S test runs about $20 per kid as we are members of the AGDA Plus program. The test will be done through UC Davis in accordance with the new ADGA guidelines. The test could also be done at the buyers expense through TVMDL at a higher rate of $35 plus shipping.

If you are interested in buying a goat, please contact us for availability by emailing Annabelle or texting/calling (480) 694-8513.

Sale prices, terms and conditions are subject to change prior to sale confirmation.

3/21 Twins: Six M Galaxy Snowflake/Six M Galaxy Lightning

K-38 doe: Veteran's Ma-Deuce Heritage, black with red trim, white cap & face, solid ears RETAINED

K-39 buck: Veteran's Patriotic Heritage, black with red trim & white splashes, white ears SOLD

Veteran's Ranch
Legendary Nubian Dairy Goats                        

Annabelle Pattison 480-694-8513                                                 
8848 N Palo Verde Rd, Florence, Arizona 85132 

Email us with questions at  VeteransRanchAZ@aol.com

1/14 TWINS: Veteran's Catatumbo Lightning/Veteran's Arizona Baby
K-6 buck: Veteran's TBD, black with moonspots, red trim & spotted ears. SOLD

K-7 doe:Veteran's Thunder Baby, black with red trim, moonspots, white star, camo ears. RETAINED(?)

1/18 QUADS: Veteran's Catatumbo Lightning/Crow's Dairy Shellys Tia
K-16 buck: Veteran's Tia's Titan Comet, white & blue roan, white crown & frosty ears. SOLD

K-17 doe: Veteran's True Blue, blue roan with white belt, crown, nose & ears. RETAINED

K-18 doe:Veteran's Tia's Tatta, black with red trim, white cap and black ears. SOLD

K-19 doe:Veteran's Tia's Tarra, black with white belt, crown & black ears. SOLD

1/17 QUADS: Veteran's Apache Firepower/Veteran's Xampany Blanc
K-12 buck: Veteran's Apache Warrior, blue roan with white splashes, tan trim, white crown & frosty ears. SOLD

K-13 doe:Veteran's Gran Reserva, black with white belt, crown, blaze, nose & frosty ears. RETAINED

K-14 doe: Veteran's TBD, black with white belt, white crown, blaze, nose & frosty ears.SOLD

K-15 doe: Veteran's TBD, black & white spots, white crown, nose & frosty ears. SOLD

Nubian Sires available for custom AI 

2/19 Triplets: Crow's Dairy Blue Sparkles/Veteran's Apache Firepower

K-32 doe: Veteran's Taittinger Blue, blue roan with white belt, crown, face & frosty ears. RETAINED
K-33 buck:
Veteran's El Presidente, blue roan with white & brown splashes, white crown, blaze & frosty ears. SOLD
K-34 doe: Veteran's Blue Sapphire, blue roan with white splashes, cap, blaze, frosty ears. SOLD

Junior Does

The 2018 kidding season is almost over! Check of results and available kids... 

Only 2 doelings available: Cleo's $450 & maybe Arizona's $550. Pictures below.

Several herd sires available. See below.

All buyers  (especially out-of-state) please read the "Goat Sales & Conditions" below.

Email us for details. Text or call 480-694-8513. 
$P/T means private treaty. Serious inquires only by email, FB, phone or text.


1/19 Single: Goddard Farm Toblerone/Crow's Dairy Honey Bum
K-20 buck: Veteran's TBD, solid brown with brown ears. SOLD

1/21 Single: Veteran's Apache Firepower/Veteran's Happy Dancer

K-24 doe: Veteran's Apache Dancer, blue roan with red trim, white face, crown, nose & ears. RETAINED

1/15 Triplets: Six M Galaxy Lightning/Veteran's Moonspot Princess

K-8 doe: Veteran's I have a Dream, black with red trim, moonspots, white crown,frosty ears. RETAINED
K-9 buck: Veteran's Doctor King, black with red trim, moonspots, solid black ears. SOLD.

K-10 buck:Veteran's TBD, black w/red trim, moonspots, white cap, nose & frosty ears. SOLD.

Senior Does

3/21 Twins: Veteran's Sparkling Bubbles/Veteran's Julius Caesar

K-40 doe: black with red trim, white cap, solid ears RETAINED

K-41 Buck: Veteran's Solar Eclipse, black with moospots, white splashes & cap, solid ears SOLD

2/21 Triplets: Veteran's Sparky Rose/Veteran's Apache Firepower

K-35 doe: Veteran's Tanqueray & Tonic, black with red trim, white splashes, cap & frosty ears. SOLD

K-36 doe:Veteran's Lightning Blue Rose, blue roan with white splashes, white cap & frosty ears. RETAINED

K-37 doe: Veteran's Jeremiah 23:11, black with red trim tiny spot on back, white cap frosty ears. SOLD

1/19 Single: Veteran's Catatumbo Lightning/Veteran's Lady Comet

K-21 buck: Veteran's Lightning Comet, black w/red trim white splashes, crown, moonspots, black ears. SOLD

1/13 Triplets: Veteran's Julius Caesar/Veteran's Lightning Bella
K-3 buck: Veteran's TBD, black with red trim, white belly splash, left front leg, cap, nose & frosty ears. SOLD

K-4 doe: Veteran's TBD, black with red trim, moonspots, white star, solid black ears. SOLD.
K-5 buck: Veteran's TBD, black with red trim, moonspots, white splash, cap, nose & frosty ears. SOLD.

Second Freshening Does

1/24 Triplets: C&W Farm Holy Molly/Veteran's Catatumbo Lightning

K-29 buck: black with moonspots, white cap, frosty ears.RETAINED
K-30 doe:Veteran's Royal Blue Boom, blue roan with white splashes, crown & frosty ears SOLD
K-31 doe: Veteran's Blue Angel, blue roan with  spots, white cap, frosty ears. RETAINED

1/21 Twins: TSF Creamery Monique/Veteran's Julius Caesar

K-25 buck: black & brown white belly splash & cap, black & brown ears. SOLD
K-26 doe: black with red trim, white cap & black ears. SOLD

Breeding/Kidding/Sales (updated as of 4/10/18)

Goat Sales & Conditions 

  Intermediate Does
Bred To
Due/Kid Date
Lady Comet (Elite) (1)
Kidded(1) 1/19
1 buck sold (sold out)
SG Honey (1)
Kidded(1) 1/19
​ 1 buck sold (sold out)
Sugar (1)
Kidded(1) 1/16

1 buck sold (sold out)

SG Xampany (Elite) (4)
Kidded(4) 1/12
1 doe retained 2 does sold 1 buck sold
Freedom (2)
Julius Caesar
Kidded(2) 1/6
1 buck sold 1 doe sold (sold out)
Arizona (2)
Kidded(2) 1/14
 1 buck sold 1 doe retained(?)

1/16 Single: Veteran's Kingsman of Evania/Veteran's AZ Super Sugar
K-11 buck: Veteran's AZ Sugar Prince, black with red trim, white star right belly, white cap & ears